Learning objective


1) Object A weighs twice as much as object B an the same spot on the earth. Would the same be true at a given spot on mars? Explain your answer.

2) A stack of books whose true weight is 165N is placed on a scale in an elevator. The scale reads 165 N. From this information, indicate whether the elevator is moving at a constant velocity of 2 m/s upwards, 2 m/s downwards, or is at rest.

3) How much normal force does a table exert on a book that weighs 15 N?

4) What is the difference between saying that one quantity is proportional to another and saying that it is equal to another?

5) What is the mass and what is the weight of a 10kg object on earth? What is its mass and weight on the moon, where the gravity is 1/6 of that on earth?